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Horizontal mixer detailed introduction and maintenance

 The horizontal mixer is a new generation of mixing equipment developed by our company. The mixing uniformity is high and the residual amount is small, which is suitable for mixing and mixing of organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer materials. The specific characteristics are: the material is fully mixed, thereby improving the mixing uniformity; using the novel rotor structure, the minimum gap between the rotor and the casing can be adjusted to near zero, effectively reducing the amount of material residue; the machine is equipped with grease adding pipes, overall structure is more reasonable, appearance is beautiful and operation and maintenance is convenient.

The horizontal mixer is not affected by the size and density of the particles under the feasibility factor. it has good mixing effect on viscous materials. The smooth mixing process reduces the damage to fragile materials, and the addition of the flying knife structure also acts as a breaker.

The horizontal mixer structure reduces the height of the fuselage for easy installation. The forward and reverse rotating screws are mounted on the same horizontal shaft to form a low power horizontal mixer.

Detailed introduction:
The horizontal mixer is driven by the inner and outer diameter spirals on the mounting and stirring shaft to drive the material in the barrel to turn them to the maximum extent.
On the structure of the agitator, the spiral is designed to be internally and externally, and the left and right sides are opposite spirals. The agitator works as the inner spiral drives the material near the axis to rotate the shaft, the axial direction is pushed from the inside to the sides, and the outer spiral drives the material close to the barrel wall. The shaft rotates, and the axial direction is pushed from both sides to the inside, so that the material convects and circulates in the barrel, shears and mixes, and the materials are quickly and evenly mixed in a short time.
The mixer is generally used for the mixing of solid-solid, solid-paste, such as organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, complex fertilizer, pesticide, veterinary medicine, food, chemicals, biology, aquaculture, ceramics, refractory materials, etc. it’s specially suitable for mixing of thick materials.

Maintenance of the machine:
Maintenance of the machine is an extremely important and regular task. It should be closely coordinated with the operation and maintenance of the machine. There should be full-time personnel to perform duty checks.
1. The shaft bears the full load of the negative machine, so good lubrication has a great relationship with the bearing life. It directly affects the service life and operation rate of the machine. Therefore, the required oil must be cleaned and the seal must be good. Main oil filling:
(1) Rotate the bearing.
(2) Roller bearings.
(3) All gears.
(4) Movable bearing, sliding plane.
2. The newly installed tires are prone to loosening and must be inspected frequently.
3. Pay attention to whether the work of all parts of the machine is normal.
4, pay attention to check the wear level of wearable parts, always pay attention to replace the worn parts.
5. The plane of the undercarriage of the movable device should be removed from dust and other materials to prevent the machine from encountering materials that cannot be broken. The movable bearing cannot be moved on the chassis to avoid serious accidents.
6, the bearing oil temperature rises, should be stopped immediately to check the reasons to eliminate.
7. If there is impact sound when the rotating gear is running, stop it immediately and check it out.