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How much does a granular organic fertilizer production line cost?


The organic fertilizer production line includes fermentation equipment, granulation equipment, crushing equipment, mixing equipment, screening equipment, cooling equipment, drying equipment, coating equipment, automatic packaging equipment and other technological processes.

What is the common fertilizer manufacturing equipment of organic fertilizer production line?

1. Crushing equipment: a new type of semi-wet material crusher-vertical crusher and horizontal crusher, the internal structure has chain type and hammer type. There is no screen, even if the material is smashed out of the water, it will not be blocked.

2. Mixing equipment: mixing mixers-including vertical mixers, horizontal mixers, dual-shaft powerful mixers, drum mixers, etc. Design a suitable mixing structure according to the characteristics of the material.

3. Conveying equipment: belt conveyor-mobile belt conveyor, fixed belt conveyor, etc., with strong conveying capacity, long conveying distance, simple structure and easy maintenance, and can easily implement many features of programmed control and automatic operation.

4. Fermentation compost turning machine: stack turning machine, turning and throwing machine-including trough type stacking machine, chain plate type stacking machine, crawler type stacking machine, used for biological fermentation turning and throwing work.

5. Organic fertilizer granulator: special granulator for organic fertilizer-including disc granulator, stirring tooth granulator, drum granulator, rounding machine, etc. According to the characteristics of raw materials, select the appropriate granulator.

6. Drying and cooling equipment: rotary dryer-alias drum dryer, bio-organic fertilizer dryer, cooler-similar in appearance to the dryer, but different in material and performance. The main machine of the dryer is made of boiler steel, and the main machine of the cooler is made of carbon steel plate.

7. Screening equipment: Screening machines-including drum screens and vibrating screens. The sieving machine is divided into three screens, two screens and so on.

8. Coating equipment: particle coating machine-the appearance of the main machine is similar to that of the dryer and the cooling machine, but the internal structure is quite different. Stainless steel plate or polypropylene lining is used inside the coating machine. The whole machine includes matching powder machine and oil pump.

9. Automatic packaging equipment: automatic metering packaging machine-including spiral and direct current, single head and double head, made of stainless steel and carbon steel, customized according to the actual needs of customers.