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Bio organic fertilizer production line to solve the problem of agricultural waste treatment

With the gradual improvement of people's understanding of environmental problems and soil recycling, the traditional chemical fertilizer can not meet the needs of agricultural development. In order to achieve the sustainable development of agricultural products, the development of organic fertilizer has become a new direction of the development of new agriculture, and the fertilizer production line has occupied a position that can not be ignored.

In the process of agricultural production, discarded organic materials, mainly including crop straw and livestock manure, are high-quality raw materials for the production of organic fertilizer.
fertilizer production line

The bio-organic fertilizer production line is a kind of production equipment that uses agricultural waste as a raw material for organic fertilizer processing. The organic fertilizer produced by the organic fertilizer granulator is based on the compost, the organic fertilizer containing a large number of functional microorganisms is made by adding functional microbial agents to the decomposed material for secondary fermentation. , Promoting crop growth and reducing crop diseases have significant effects.