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Fertilizer production line equipment is an important way to improve fruit quality

Why is organic fertilizer and NPK production line equipment one of the ways to improve fruit quality? Let's start with fertilizer equipment.

Organic fertilizer equipment is to process livestock manure, factory sludge, municipal solid waste, kitchen waste, crop straw and so on into reused organic fertilizer. Organic fertilizer production line is a system, including dehydration equipment, fermentation equipment, crushing equipment, granulation equipment, screening equipment, mixing equipment, drying equipment, dust removal equipment, packaging equipment, etc. The granular fertilizer and powder fertilizer processed by this set of production line are used in many fields. With the popularization and application of organic fertilizer, Huaqiang fertilizer granulator has become a hot equipment for fertilizer manufacturers.

When one part of inorganic fertilizer is applied to the soil, 27 parts of organic fertilizer must be applied at the same time. This fertilization ratio is conducive to the normal growth of crops, so that the original flavor of the fruit can be produced. The reason for the poor fruit growth is that the roots of the crops are not good.
Fertilizer production line equipment is an important way to improve fruit quality

The roots of the crops are not good because the soil is not good. The soil is not good because the soil lacks a large number of beneficial microorganisms. Therefore, it is an urgent task to solve the current ecological quality of the soil and crop yield. It is to apply biological bacterial fertilizer to the soil. The environment for the growth of beneficial bacteria is based on the organic matter of the soil, so that they can grow normally. Therefore, only by applying more organic fertilizers can they produce fragrant and sweet fruits.

In short, through various measures to improve the content of soil organic matter, in order to achieve the purpose of sweet melon fruit. Rotary drum granulator, organic fertilizer granulator, compost turner machine and other equipment are one of the ways to improve the quality of fruit. What is the price of small-scale organic fertilizer equipment? Is it expensive? How to choose reliable organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers? Please contact us for more questions.