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How to choose the right fertilizer granulator machine?

 The fertilizer granulator is a machine that makes powdered raw materials into granular organic fertilizer or granular compound fertilizer, and is a key part of the fertilizer manufacturing process. In order to save costs, companies should choose the right granulation equipment. Therefore, you must do your homework before purchasing a suitable fertilizer granulator.The raw materials, the moisture of the materials, the shape of the particles, the size of the particles, and other issues need to be considered.

1. Characteristics of raw materials.For the selection of raw material characteristics, it is necessary to check whether the powder has sufficient fineness to ensure the progress of rolling granulation; if extrusion granulation is used, whether the plasticity of the raw material and water after kneading is sufficient; if it is wet grinding or liquid phase synthesis whether the slurry product is easy to atomize; if spray granulation is used, the heat sensitivity of the raw material is good.

2. The processing capacity requirements.The difference in unit time processing between different granulation methods is not small, and equipment investment and processing costs must be considered.

3. Product size distribution.The particle size of the products obtained by different granulation methods varies greatly. For example, the particle size of the spray granulation is small, and the particle size of the compressed granulation product can be large, and the granulation method should be selected according to the desired granulation.

4. Product particle shape. Rolling, agitation granulation, spray granulation to obtain approximately spherical particles; shot peening and solidification granulation can obtain completely spherical particles; extrusion granulation can produce column granules. The possible effects of different shapes of particles on subsequent work should be estimated.

5. Product particle strength.The particles obtained by powder agglomeration and shot granulation have a weak mechanical strength. For high-strength particles, it is necessary to use a pressing method or sintering, roasting and strengthening, and to select a high-strength binder by extrusion.

6. The choice of dry and wet method. Dry production processes will inevitably lead to dust generation and are therefore not suitable for granulation of toxic or other hazardous powders. On the other hand, the wet method requires drying after granulation and wastes some solvent. Some drugs cannot be contacted with water or recrystallized during drying to form other structures, which are not suitable for wet processes.

At present, in the fertilizer manufacturing process, the fertilizer granulator machine can be divided into two parts: organic fertilizer granulator and NPK compound fertilizer granulator. The fertilizer granulator machines produced by our company are as follows:

Organic fertilizer granulator: disc granulator, new type fertilizer granulator, ring die granulator, flat die granulator.

NPK compound fertilizer granulator: disc granulator, roller press granulator, rotary drum granulator.