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Fermentation scheme of chicken manure organic fertilizer composting machine

In the production of livestock manure fertilizer production line, the key equipment is the organic fertilizer turning machine. The materials and the composition of the main parts have a very important impact on the processing of livestock manure. Here is a brief introduction to the compost fermentation program of the organic fertilizer turning machine.
chicken manure organic fertilizer composting machine

Fermentation scheme of organic fertilizer compost turning machine:

1. First, pile chicken manure or other animal manure, domestic waste and other fertilizer base materials on a flat ground in strips: the width of pile is equal to the width of equipment, the height is as high as possible, and the length is as long as possible, such as 100m, 50m, etc. if the site is feasible; the ground should be flat, cement, brick, and land can be used (as long as it is flat and has a certain hardness). The production of 10000 tons of fertilizer is required The area is 5-6 mu.

2. Add the piled chicken manure (other livestock manure or domestic garbage) to the biological starter (strain), 1 kg of starter (strain) per ton of fertilizer base material.

3. Use a compost turning machine to ferment straw and chicken manure (pig, cattle, sheep and other livestock manure, filter mud, sludge, domestic garbage, and other agricultural and animal husbandry organic solid waste, the water content should be 50%-70%), and fermentation Mix and stir evenly. It can be deodorized in 3-5 hours, and the temperature is increased to 50 degrees in 16 hours, and when the temperature reaches 60-65 degrees, it will be turned over again to increase oxygen. In the future, whenever the temperature in the pile reaches 60℃-65℃, the pile will be turned over to achieve the effect of uniform fermentation, aeration, and cooling, and repeat the last process until it is ripe.

4. If the water content of chicken manure is too high, you can use the method of reflux to put the last dry fertilizer on the bottom to form a strip, put the chicken manure in the middle, so that the water on the top is soaked to the bottom, and then turn.

5. Generally, it takes 7-10 days to fertilize. The decomposed compost is processed again by granulator. The fertilizer granulator machine price is low, and the machine is stable and durable.