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Dressing organic fertilizer granules with 800mm ball shaping machine

The 800mm organic fertilizer ball shaping machine is specialized in processing fertilizer particles. Cattle and sheep manure can be processed into granular fertilizer by organic fertilizer granulator machine. Due to the many types of fertilizer granulators, the processed granules have different shapes, some are round, some are oblate, and some are extruded cylindrical. A ball shaping machine comes in handy.
800mm ball shaping machine

After polishing machine shaping, the particles are very round and compact. The organic fertilizer ball shaping machine consists of two or more throwing cylinders arranged in sequence. The materials are discharged from the discharge port after being thrown round for many times. The particle size of the finished product is consistent and the density is large. Because of its low power consumption and low production cost, it is often used with flat mold granulator. In order to make the granules made by rotary drum granulator and disc granulator more smooth, many users like to configure a granular polishing machine to process granular fertilizer.