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What factors affect the efficiency of organic fertilizer production lines?

Organic fertilizer is rich in a variety of physiologically active substances, such as vitamins, amino acids, nucleic acids, indole acetic acid, gibberellin and other physiologically active substances. It has the ability to stimulate the growth of crop roots, improve the photosynthesis of crops, make crop roots developed, and grow robustly; For example, various organic acids and enzymes can decompose and convert various complex organic matter and quickly activate soil nutrients to increase effective nutrients for crops to absorb and use; for example, antibiotic substances in them can improve the disease resistance of crops.

How do organic fertilizer production lines produce good organic fertilizers? What factors in organic fertilizer production line will affect fertilizer efficiency? Experts analyze that the failure to do that step will affect the fertilizer effect:

1. The effective viable count of organic fertilizer production line, there is not enough effective bacteria, it is impossible to talk about biological bacterial fertilizer. Our molding and drying system guarantees the viable count. Therefore, the materials used to produce organic fertilizer need to be completely fermented and rotten. The compost turning machine of organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers can help you.

2. The control of moisture in the production process of organic fertilizer production line is a key factor. Too dry makes it difficult for organic fertilizer to play a role in actual production. If the action time is prolonged, excessive humidity is not conducive to preservation and use. At the same time, the moisture index and the degree of drying affect the survival time of the bacteria. Our molding drying system guarantees the appropriate moisture index.

3. Raw material formula. Good formula can ensure effective bacteria quantity and provide more nutrition for crop growth. Of course, our molding and drying system is to prevent these raw material formulas from being damaged and changed by production and processing to ensure product effects. .