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Organic fertilizer production lines with different configurations

The entire organic fertilizer production line is composed of different stand-alone equipment. This is because the production of organic fertilizers needs to go through processes such as fermentation, crushing, stirring, granulation, drying and cooling, and screening and packaging. The process is completed by one device, so each device in the organic fertilizer production line has its own unique function, but it does not mean that each machine is indispensable, and some processes can also be replaced manually.
organic fertilizer production line

In the production of organic fertilizer, the simplest configuration includes a pulverizer, a mixer, a granulator, a sieving machine, and a packaging machine. This set of equipment requires manual fermentation to turn the material and granulate the granules to air to remove moisture. The appearance of the finished granules is general, which is not conducive to market sales. It is suitable for small-scale sales or self-use.

The complete organic fertilizer production line includes the following equipment: compost turning machine, wet material crusher, horizontal mixer, organic fertilizer granulator machine, dryer, cooler, sieving machine, coating machine, packaging machine, and other equipment. Conveyor conveys materials and realizes automated production. Customers can choose the appropriate equipment configuration according to actual needs.

In the actual purchase, the customer's machine configuration is determined according to the customer's raw materials, yield, particle shape, local soil characteristics and other factors. Before purchasing, the customer should go to the manufacturer's field inspection to observe the scale and production capacity of the manufacturer, and after-sales service to decide which one to buy.

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