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What equipment included in a complete organic fertilizer production line?

What equipment is included in a complete organic fertilizer manufacturing process? Most of my friends believe that the organic fertilizer production line only contains organic fertilizer granulators. This often creates a misunderstanding. Although the organic fertilizer granulator is the core part of the whole production line, it is not the only component equipment. Apart from other supporting equipment, the organic fertilizer granulator cannot play its role, and can even be said to be impossible to use. So what kind of equipment does a complete production line have?


The first part: the fermentation part. The main function of the fermentation part in the organic fertilizer production line is to initially reduce the moisture in the organic fertilizer raw materials. The organic fertilizer raw materials are mainly chicken manure, pig manure, cow dung, sheep dung and other animal manure, cow dung and sheep dung are good, but the humidity of chicken manure and pig manure is too high, especially chicken manure. The initial humidity is generally above 50%. Such high humidity must be fermented first. In general, the humidity of fresh chicken manure can be reduced by fermentation for about one week.

The second part: the crushing part. The fermented animal manure will agglomerate, and the blocky material is not easy to directly dry. Therefore, it is recommended to first crush it with a small crusher and then enter the next step. In the organic fertilizer manufacturing process, the crushed part is often essential.

The third part: drying part. Seeing this, some friends may have to ask, there is no fermentation in front, how to dry it again. In fact, fermentation can only control humidity. Really do organic fertilizer particles, the moisture must be below 20%. Therefore, the drying process is also essential.

The fouth part: Granulation part. The organic fertilizer granulator machine is the core of the entire organic fertilizer production line. In general, we recommend the use of a combination of pelletizers to achieve the function of granulation. It is not recommended to use a conventional disc granulator. The advantage of this is that the pellet formation rate is high and the compactness is good.

The fifth part: cooling, packaging. Cooling and packaging are negligible for small production users. Small-volume users can directly dry the clothes and manually bag them. Automatic packaging machines are only needed for a large production line of organic fertilizers.