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Why should we use a coating machine for NPK compound fertilizer production?

 In fertilizer manufacturing process,NPK compound fertilizer agglomeration has always been a problem for NPK compound fertilizer production manufacturers, and we are constantly working on solving this problem.

The main factors of compound fertilizer agglomeration are: with the change of temperature and humidity, the compound fertilizer produces moisture absorption, surface dissolution, evaporation, crystallization, crystal formation and agglomeration. It is directly related to water, and it is also the hygroscopic property of chemical fertilizer. The essence is determined. Compound fertilizer surface treatment is the most effective way to solve the agglomeration.

The coating machine is the main machine for treating the surface of the composite fertilizer. It is specially designed to solve the problem of easy agglomeration and moisture absorption of the granular compound fertilizer. The device can coat with a uniform protective film on the surface of the granular fertilizer, effectively suppressing the salt bridge effect and moisture absorption on the surface of the fertilizer fundamentally solve the agglomeration problem of the fertilizer, and also improve the surface brightness of the particles, and can appropriately add some trace elements to improve the fertilizer efficiency. And can extend the role of fertilizer in the soil, can effectively improve the use of compound fertilizer.

The complete equipment of the rotary coating machine consists of a screw conveyor, a stirring tank, an oil pump, a main machine, etc., and adopts a powder dusting or liquid coating process. The main body is made of polypropylene lining or acid-resistant stainless steel. The equipment has been specially designed on the internal structure according to the process requirements, which can effectively prevent the agglomeration of the compound fertilizer, and is effective special equipment for NPK fertilizer production.

Process description:
When the finished particles uniformly flow into the rotating coating machine and continuously roll, the prepared oily mixed coating agent is sprayed into the surface of the particles by means of compressed air and a spray head. Then use a spiral speed conveyor (adjust the flow rate of talc powder) to pour the talc powder on the surface of the particles, so that the surface of the compound fertilizer particles forms an anti-caking film, which can achieve the anti-caking effect.

Working principle:
The belt and the pulley are driven by the main motor, and are driven to the drive shaft through the reducer, and the split gears mounted on the drive shaft are engaged with the large ring gear fixed on the body to work in opposite directions. The material is added from the feed end through the inside of the cylinder. The suction of the induced draft fan (used with the machine) accelerates the flow of air inside the cylinder.