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Causes of roller press granulator skin wear

Roller press granulator machine is important equipment used in the NPK fertilizer production line, chemical materials granulation process, the roller skin is quick-wear part and key part of the machine, and we should take care of it to improve its service life. So we should know the causes to avoid the skin wear in advance.
fertilizer granulator machine
1. Material factor. The roller extrusion granulator mainly processes dry powder materials, which are subject to different hardness of the material, which will cause uneven force during extrusion into the ball, thereby increasing the wear of the roller skin. From the material factor, another factor is the uniformity of the particle size of the raw material, the size of the raw material is different, which also causes uneven force at the same time, and likewise causes the wear of the roll skin.

2. The material of the roll skin of the roller extrusion fertilizer granulator machine. The roll skin of the roll extrusion granulator is a friction material, which is a direct force. The friction and back pressure of the material are all factors that cannot be ignored. This kind of force has high requirements on the quality of the roll skin, the wear of the good quality is slow, the quality is poor, and the roll skin wears quickly.

3. Feed uniformity factor. The axial center and the roll surface of the double roller of the roller extrusion fertilizer granulator machine are parallel. If the feeding material is seriously uneven, the feeding at one end is more, and the end is less, so that the ends of the roller skin are unevenly stressed. Therefore, the friction between the roll skin and the material is increased, thereby causing friction of the roll skin.

4. Material moisture, PH. The roll skin is made of stainless steel as the main material. It has a large reaction to the pH and moisture of the material. The moisture and pH of the material are not suitable, causing acid and alkali corrosion on the surface of the skin, thus damaging the roll skin.

5. Work operation damage. The operation is not carried out according to the operating rules. The gap between the rolls is not adjusted according to the instructions, or the load is opened under the condition of load. The material is opened to the roll extrusion granulator: the other work damage is that the materials are not clean, there contains miscellaneous particles such as iron and stone, which seriously damage the surface of the roll.