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Advantages and disadvantages of each fertilizer granulator machine

The fertilizer granulator machine is important equipment in the production of granular fertilizer. We are fertilizer machine manufacturers, producing different fertilizer machines, and different types of fertilizer granulators. Let us look at the advantages and disadvantages of different granulators.
fertilizer granulator machine
1. Roller press granulator belongs to dry granulation, without drying process, high granulation density, good fertilizer efficiency and full organic content; it also saves the money to buy dryer and cooler, and does not need to burn coal later. This saves a lot of money. However, the granulation of the extrusion granulator belongs to an oblate shape. It is easy to get stuck when the field crops are planted, and the fluidity is not very good. Therefore, if it is used for the organic fertilizer produced by the machine farmers, it is recommended to use this granulation process with caution. Do compound fertilizer and compound fertilizer.

2. Rotary drum granulator is a process that has been used in compound fertilizer granulation. It can also be used to produce organic fertilizer, but the granulation rate is low. If organic inorganic fertilizer is produced, this process can be selected.

3. disc granulator is a relatively traditional process, we prefer this fertilizer granulator machine, the granule is smooth, good to sell, the only drawback is the low density; people are now pursuing new, new methods of granulation, so use There are fewer people.

4. New organic fertilizer granulator, this kind of granulation process is a hot product sold by our factory, and it is also a product favored by customers. This process has high output and smooth processing. If it is added with organic fertilizer throwing machine, the granules can be comparable with that of disc granulation. However, it is necessary to purchase a dryer, a cooling machine, and the organic fertilizer package of such a process is expensive.

5. The flat die granulator has the highest grain density, and the particles will not be scattered during the sales and transportation process, but the round thrower must be added in the later stage to realize the finished product of the round grain.

The above are the advantages and disadvantages of the mainstream granulation process on the market. If you can choose the granulator you want here, then here are some suggestions. If your investment funds are limited, or the sales market has not been opened, I suggest that you can first put on a powdered organic fertilizer production line. The whole set of organic fertilizer equipment has low price and good quality, which will help you to open up the market. After the sales market is opened, you can increase the production and purchase equipment, and then do the pellet organic fertilizer production line.

If you pay more attention to the sale of organic fertilizer granules, we recommend that you use the disc granulation process, although traditional, but the spheroidal smoothness is very good. If you want to neutralize it, then choose a new organic fertilizer granulation process with high output.