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What is the auxiliary equipment in the organic fertilizer production line?

What is the auxiliary equipment for producing organic fertilizer in the organic fertilizer production line?


1, quantitative feeder
Also known as automatic feeders, silo scales, etc., common belt conveyors, spiral feeders, disc feeders.
In the processing stage of organic fertilizer, it is necessary to use a forklift to mix the fermentation material into the silo of the belt type silo scale (feeder). The fermented product is uniformly fed into the chain pulverizer by a feeder, and then processed step by step. This eliminates the need to manually feed the material into the next processing equipment through the shovel, thereby increasing the degree of automation.

2, mixer
Generally divided into flat mouth mixing (premixing) machine and horizontal mixer.
In the production of organic fertilizers, bio-organic fertilizers, and organic-inorganic compound fertilizers, sometimes after the end of fermentation, in order to improve the quality of fertilizers, the corresponding fertilizers are required to meet the relevant standards, sometimes adding functional microorganisms, inorganic fertilizers or other additives. additive. This device acts to mix evenly.

3, crusher
The organic material that has been subjected to the pre-fermentation is crushed or the organic material sieved through the screening machine is crushed. The crusher is divided into a vertical chain pulverizer, a semi-wet material pulverizer (a hammer pulverizer), a horizontal chain pulverizer, etc., and a re-use of a vertical chain pulverizer and a semi-wet material pulverizer.

4, screening machine
Drum sieving machine is common equipment used in the production of organic fertilizer or biological fertilizer and compound fertilizer. It is mainly used for the powder of semi-finished products, finished products and recycled materials. It can also realize the grading of finished products and make the finished products evenly classified. Commonly used are drum screening machines, and some manufacturers use sliding screening machines and vibrating screening machines. Its function is: (1) the fermentation material without sieving of the powder; (2) separating the pulverized fermentation material; (3) separating the powdered organic material after compounding; (4) separating the organic fertilizer after granulation.

5, belt conveyor
Participating in the processing and processing of organic fertilizers in the production process, a group of production lines often require multiple conveyors.

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