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Application scope of organic fertilizer crusher

The allowable moisture value of organic fertilizer crushing machine for biological fermentation organic fertilizer can reach 25-50%, which can shorten the production cycle of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer and save cost. It is an indispensable equipment of fertilizer production line. The pulverizer can inject lubricating oil into the centralized lubrication system under normal operation without shutdown.

Application scope of organic fertilizer crusher equipment:

Application scope of organic fertilizer crusher
1. The equipment of organic fertilizer crusher is mainly applicable to withered branches and leaves, straw, sludge, biogas residue, chemical fertilizer, etc.
2. Treatment of dry and wet animal manure such as chicken manure, pig manure and cow manure after fermentation.
3. The dry block of sludge organic matter is crushed.
4. Crushing of the biogas residue from the biogas digester.
5. Crushing of municipal solid waste, and has a good grinding effect on glass, broken ceramics, bricks, etc. inside.
6. The crusher equipment adopts high-tech technology, which can be easily operated by only one person, which is not only safe and reliable, but also easy to maintain. The crushed compost is processed by an organic fertilizer granulator machine to become a high-quality fertilizer.