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Application of batching system in NPK fertilizer production

 The automatic batching system is an automatic batching device that can be used with BB fertilizer equipment, organic fertilizer equipment, compound fertilizer equipment and complex fertilizer equipment. It can complete automatic proportioning according to customer needs. The machine is used for weighing, distributing and mixing various raw materials, instead of manual or volumetric measurement. It has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy, fast distribution efficiency and high degree of automation. It is one of the main parts of complete fertilizer production, especially in the NPK fertilizer production line. The automatic batching system products produced by our company adopt microcomputer control, electronic monitoring, digital reminder, good control function and convenient operation, which is the guarantee of accurate fertilizer product content.

Automatic batching equipment is widely used in chemical, fertilizer, plastic, rubber, wire and cable, cement, dry mortar, concrete, asphalt, ceramics, glass, metallurgy, minerals, electricity, food, feed, flour, etc. In a variety of industries, from individual weighing occasions to large-scale batching systems, we can provide automatic batching operations for raw materials according to user requirements.

Automatic batching equipment works:
According to the set weight ratio, the ingredients of several raw materials are automatically completed. The batching system completes the ingredients of each material in turn according to the set order and weight. First silo 1 horizontal screw machine feeds the weighing scale bucket, starts to supply large material, material 1 weight is close to the set value, automatically becomes fine feeding, the weight reaches the target value, the No. 1 silo stops feeding; according to the same principle it completes the batching of No. 2 material, No. 3 material, No. 4 material and No. 5 material; several materials are finished, the main control system discharge signal is obtained, the scale door switch door mechanism acts, the material door is opened, and the material discharge is clean. The door is automatically closed and the next batching process begins.

Automatic batching equipment features:
1. The selection of materials meets the requirements of anti-corrosion, the equipment can be easily cleaned, and all parts of contact materials are stainless steel.
2, because some materials contain crystal water, easy to absorb moisture, high temperature and easy to liquefy; the production line equipment ingredients, mixing speed is fast, the production process materials and air contact time is less, will not absorb water back.
3, accurate measurement, the accuracy of the ingredients is ± 0.1% - ± 0.2%, evenly mixed
4, the batching system can store multiple formulas, the formula is easy to modify; can realize 5kg/bag, 10kg/bag of various specifications of ingredients and packaging
5, equipment layout is compact, low energy consumption, energy saving
6, easy operation, maintenance, stable performance, low failure rate, reliable operation
7, people flow, logistics smooth, high degree of automation, reduce labor