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The after-sales guarantee work of organic fertilizer granulator should be in place


The use of organic fertilizer granulator equipment has greatly improved the quality and appearance of organic fertilizer particles. Paying attention to the role of organic fertilizer granulation equipment in the production process of organic fertilizer production line is more and more important, and it also affects the user's objective cognition of organic fertilizer, which has a great impact on production and sales, and good organic fertilizer granulation can win the love of consumers. There are many kinds of organic fertilizer granulators, and the functions are relatively complete, and the granulation requirements of various standards can be met, and the characteristics of organic fertilizer granulators are to help organic fertilizer raw materials form, and the uniformity of granulation is also the standard for identifying the quality of fertilizer. Can meet the requirements of the doctor's standard organic fertilizer equipment, in order to be issued as a qualified product from the manufacturer.

Huaqiang Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. of organic fertilizer granulator good quality, smooth processing, convenient operation and high cost performance, will be tested before delivery, test particles after customer inspection qualified, issued from the factory, while the company is equipped with free installation services, as well as after-sales maintenance, committed to give users the greatest after-sales protection.