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Organic fertilizer processing equipment responds to the scientific concept of development


The most economical approach for animal manure is to return it to the field after processing by the organic fertilizer production line, in the Netherlands, which is in the advanced ranks of environmental protection and animal husbandry, cow manure is directly returned to the field after simple dry and wet separation, and some developed countries in Europe and the United States also stipulate the corresponding amount of organic fertilizer per hectare of land. Animal manure after fermentation and drying by the fermentation compost turning machine and organic fertilizer dryer can give full play to the advantages of resources.

Organic fertilizer equipment can also be based on local crop straw waste resources, the use of straw, animal manure combined as raw materials to process and transform into organic fertilizer, local materials, local production, and local digestion. It can not only solve the pollution problems caused by straw burning and manure accumulation, but also add additional benefits to farmers, which is an efficient and environmentally friendly production and development model with excellent feasibility. Organic fertilizer processing equipment with the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and high cost performance is popular, in the international market also has a larger market space, in the face of the huge demand of the market, biological organic fertilizer processing equipment manufacturers have the responsibility to continue to develop more high-quality products, to achieve science and technology and more comprehensive realization of modern agricultural development.