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New equipment for aquaculture: organic fertilizer processing equipment


Livestock manure, from the point of view of the farm, is a kind of waste or even a burden, whether to carry out secondary development of livestock manure, make full use of has become the focus of attention. Organic fertilizer equipment can solve this difficulty, with the national and local governments, in order to develop the organic fertilizer production line industry, the introduction of a variety of advocacy and encouragement policies, livestock and poultry manure organic fertilizer scale, industrialization of the development of the opportunity has become mature. Livestock and poultry manure to make organic fertilizer, must be fermented by organic fertilizer equipment, mixed with hay and rotten silage to make compost, after fermentation with the use of fermentation compost turning machine to make it fully fermented, only timely and uniform heaps can do this. Now some places are very dry and some places are very wet, which affects the quality of fermentation. Organic fertilizer granulator and organic fertilizer crusher according to a certain proportion of the material crushing granulation, the output of particles will have a certain difference, then through the screening equipment for screening, screening material automatic re-processing, to avoid waste, but also to ensure the continuous operation of the production equipment, finally the particles after screening for drying and cooling, and then through the quantitative packaging scale for packaging, Ready to market.