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Small bio-organic fertilizer production line before purchase doubts answer


In the first investment in the construction of small organic fertilizer production line, there must be a lot of doubts, such as the current organic fertilizer market prospects? How much does it cost to invest in a small bio-organic fertilizer production line? What organic fertilizer equipment is included in the whole production line? The following organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers to give you one answer.

1, with people's love for organic fruits and vegetables, organic and green farming of various foods, more and more attention, the use of organic fertilizer plants, rich nutrition, let us enjoy food while healthier, organic fertilizer market prospects are very good.

2, with the pursuit of organic, green food more and more people, there will be more growers to use organic fertilizer for fertilization, the use of organic fertilizer planting cost has not increased, the price is more selling point than the use of chemical fertilizer, with the increase in market demand, organic fertilizer sales will be in short supply.

3, can be used as organic fertilizer raw materials there are a lot of things, mainly including animal manure, lees, sludge, mushroom slag, domestic waste, etc., these things themselves belong to the waste of various industries, the price is very low at the time of purchase, relatively small organic fertilizer production line, the cost can be almost negligible, only need to invest in a set of small biological organic fertilizer production line, As well as production sites, operating workers can earn high profits.

4, the complete bio-organic fertilizer production line supporting organic fertilizer equipment has organic fertilizer mixer, organic fertilizer mill, organic fertilizer granulator, organic fertilizer dryer, organic fertilizer cooling machine, organic fertilizer packaging machine, organic fertilizer turning machine, etc., small bio-organic fertilizer production line due to small output, some of the equipment can not be configured, only need to select a few main organic fertilizer equipment, Invest in a set of such a small bio-organic fertilizer production line.