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How to choose organic fertilizer granulator in organic fertilizer production line?


Buy organic fertilizer granulator, many customers are confused, do not know what is suitable for equipment classification. The following is a detailed introduction for reference. The appropriate granulation method should be selected according to the requirements of the use of materials. It's just a general term, with subdivisions and subdivisions. There are two main categories: dry method and wet method. Compared with the wet granulation, the dry granulation of the organic fertilizer granulator has lower energy consumption and is more environmentally friendly. Do not need to dry, do not add water and binder, will not change the material properties; Dry granulation has several advantages over wet granulation. More suitable for industrial large-scale production. In another case, some materials require a smaller particle size, and products between tens and a hundred mesh can also be reduced by air flow, spray, and flash drying. For materials with water content above 20%, there are a variety of organic fertilizer equipment and methods for wet granulation. For example, disc granulator, roll granulation and spiral granulation have continued. After increasing the use environment and processing requirements of different materials, they have made great progress in continuous improvement. For example, in recent years, when using organic fertilizer granulation, the size of these particles is mostly between 1 mm and 6 mm, and the above method is used.