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Several problems to be clear before investing in pig manure organic fertilizer production line


1. Specify the type of fertilizer produced. General organic fertilizer types are divided into 4 kinds, pure organic fertilizer, organic chemical-inorganic compound fertilizer, biological organic fertilizer, compound microbial fertilizer, different types of organic fertilizer equipment is also a little different.

2. The model selection of the fermentation compost turning machine: the general fermentation methods are, bar fermentation, shallow groove fermentation, shape tank fermentation, vertical fermentation, rotary cylinder fermentation, fermentation methods are not the same, fermentation machinery and equipment are not the same.

3. The model specifications of organic fertilizer equipment: for example, the annual output is how many tons, or how many tons of production is an hour, and the price can be defined.

4. Clarify the equipment of organic fertilizer production line machinery and equipment: the level of equipment is not the same, the price of machinery and equipment is not the same, and the number of manpower is not the same.

5. Requirements for the finished product: It is powdery, cylindrical, flat spherical or standard spherical. Generally common granulation equipment are: disk granulator, cylindrical screen plastic granulator, roll extrusion into the type of plastic granulator, ring die extrusion granulator. The model selection of plastic granulator should be based on the local fertilizer market sales decisions. The machines and equipment are different, and the prices are different.

6. Key organic raw material types: In the category, it refers to a variety of animal waste (including animal excrement; Animal production and processing waste), green plant residues (peanut bran; Crop straw; Withered leaves; Dry branches; Peat, etc.) and residue, furfural residue, humic acid, river mud, daily life sludge of sewage treatment stations in big cities, etc. Raw materials are not the same, and the selection of machinery and equipment is also a little different.