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Organic fertilizer equipment hidden danger detection method


The use of organic fertilizer equipment involves the hidden dangers of production, and it is necessary to eliminate the hidden dangers of organic fertilizer production lines through a series of technical means to ensure the smooth progress of production. Organic fertilizer equipment combines hidden dangers with rectification. Insist on inspection and correction, so as to promote reform. The problems and hidden dangers found should be recorded immediately, ordered to rectify, and rectified within a time limit. Formulate a responsibility reform plan, clarify the time, responsible person and reform measures of responsibility reform, and ensure the implementation of responsibility reform. For those that cannot be rectified at one time, monitoring measures shall be formulated and implemented. Increase the frequency of inspection to ensure normal. Where there are serious hidden dangers and it is difficult to rectify them, they shall be stopped in use according to law, and ordered to stop use, and shall not be put into use without acceptance. Parts that are prone to rust or damage, especially expensive parts. The room should be unloaded and stored separately according to the machine model to avoid deformation or damage caused by mutual extrusion. Organic fertilizer production equipment should be placed in the open air, walking wheels, harvesting platforms and other places. It should be lifted off the ground without touching the soil. For deformable parts, it should be placed flat or vertical to eliminate the factors that cause deformation, and the spring supported parts should be loosened.