What Should Notice When Applying Bacterial Manure?

 The bacterial manure plays important role in the improve siol and promote crops growth. we should notice these problems from validity,  application temperature, application location and period, bacterial count.  and it should used with organic fertilizer and npk compound fertilizer together in different application period, which will provide complete and rich nutrients for soil and crops.
(1) Validity. Do not use microbial fertilizers that have expired.
(2) Application Temperature. The optimal temperature for application of bacterial fertilizer is 25-37 degrees Celsius, lower than 5 degrees Celsius, or higher than 45 degrees Celsius, the application effect is poor. At the same time, the optimal temperature for nitrogen-fixing bacteria should be mastered that soil moisture content is 60-70%.
(3) Apaplication location. Biological bacteria fertilizer should not be applied to soil with high sulfur content and paddy fields with rust. To turn over the paddy field of pulp, need not spread commonly, the method that USES spray can have better effect.
(4) Bacteria count. The effective viable bacteria number can not meet the standards of microbial fertilizer can not be purchased, the national regulations microbial agent effective viable bacteria number is more than 200 million/g (particles 100 million/g), compound microbial fertilizer and biological organic fertilizer effective viable bacteria number is more than 20 million/g.
(5) Apaplication period. Biological bacterial fertilizer is not quick-acting fertilizer. It is best applied 7-10 days before the critical period of nutrition and the period of nutrient mass absorption of crops.
(6) Mixing. It should be noted that bacterial fertilizers should not be mixed with fungicides, pesticides, herbicides and sulphur-containing fertilizers (such as potassium sulfate) as well as straw ash, as these drugs and fertilizers are easy to kill biological bacteria.
(7) Apaplication Dosage. For fields where fertilizer has been applied for many years, the amount of chemical fertilizer and organic fertilizer cannot be greatly reduced when biological bacteria fertilizer is applied.