What Is Bio-organic Fertilizer Production?

  What is bio organic production? bio organic fertilizer production refers to  Add the biological bacteria agent into the organic fertilizer materials in the compost fermentation process. bio organic fertilizer production line can produce a kind of bio organic fertilizer with the effect of microbial fertilizer and organic fertilizer, which is mainly derived from animal and plant residues (such as livestock and poultry excrement, crop straw, etc.) and compounded by harmless organic materials and decaying materials.
The main equipment of bio-organic fertilizer production line:
2.Half wet crusher machine 
3. Vertical disc mixer
5. Rotary dryer
6. Rotary cooler
7. Hot stoove 
8. Cyclone dust collector
9. Rotary screener
10.Belt conveyor
11. Coating machine
Production technology of biological organic fertilizer:

  Add the biological bacteria agent into the organic fertilizer materials, which promotes decomposition of organic materials (animal manure, crop straw, industrial waste, etc.)in the process of compost fermentation, through the pollution-free treatment and aerobic fermentation with the help of compost turning machine, following the fermented materials are manufactured into high-qualified fertilizer products through crushing process, mixing, granulating, crying, cooling, and automatic packing process in the whole bioorganic fertilizer production line.
  Biological organic fertilizer production line could process environment-friendly fertilizer with complete nutrition elements, the application of organic fertilizer reduced environmental pollution. Pig manure bio organic fertilzer production line is one perfect poultry manure soulution case.