The little secret of chicken manure quickly decomposed

We all know that chicken manure is organic fertilizer, but directly use has certain harm to crops, we must wait after decompose to play its nutritional value of crops. Then how fast chicken manure composting? What are the methods of chicken manure quickly decomposed?
Dried chicken manure fermentation
Spread dried chicken manure on the ground(outdoor concrete or land can be)long strips and according to 35% of the weight of chicken manure watering.

Per ton chicken manure need to scatter the quickly decomposed of 1kg(due to the small amount of high-speed decoction difficult to spread, the rice bran or wheat bran can be added to make premix materials), plus 15kg of calcium phosphate (deodorant), plus grass powder or grass carbon 100kg. Then the compost is turned over twice, stacked into a heap of about 1m in height、1.5-2m in width and the length is unlimited, and several holes punched in the top of the heap.
Fermentation in the summer and autumn seasons, it will be aired one time (1-2 hours)in the morning and evening, if the weather is clear, you can peel off the film on the evening of the first day and cover in the next morning. Heap retting 3-4 days later, reactor temperature can rise to 60-70 ℃.
Wet chicken manure fermentation
1.Lay a layer of straw powder on the ground (for example: rice bran, peanut shell powder).Then spread wet chicken manure on top, sprinkle 0.1% urea in the composting, as sprinkle 15kg of calcium phosphate per ton of straw powder and sprinkle 0.2% quickly decomposed into to make premix materials.
Turn the compost twice, stack 1.5-2m width and 1m high, with an unlimited length of heap and use the stick to open the air hole, cover the plastic sheet to keep moisture, heat and fertilizer. Other management is the same as dried chicken manure fermentation, pay special attention to ventilation.
Lay a layer of straw on the ground first, then put the dried chicken manure on top, each layer should be evenly sprayed a high fertility of solution with a sprayer.
The role of straw: first, adjust the moisture of the compost heap, second is also a good organic fertilizer after composed.
Turn the compost upside down twice, pile it into piles, and use the stick to open the air hole, cover the film to protect the moisture, heat and fertilizer. Other management is the same as the dried chicken manure fermentation, except that special attention should be paid to ventilation.
Whether it is dry chicken manure or fresh chicken manure, if due to the arrangement of stubble pile heap reactor fermentation, it can be evenly sprinkled into the bench, then evenly spraying again high fertility of solution, then turn over soil and tightly greenhouse, but also to achieve a good composed effect.