The Advantages Of And Functions Organic Fertilzier

  Organic fertilizer refers to a large number of organic fertilizer, and also including the bio organic fertilizer.  It is based on local materials, on the plot system and application, such as human and animal manure, manure, methane fertilizer, straw fertilizer, so it is also called farm manure. There are many kinds of organic fertilizers with many advantages:
1. Nutrient is comprehensive. It is a complete fertilizer containing a large number of essential elements, trace elements and growth stimulating substances.
2.  Containing a large amount of organic matter, it plays a unique role in improving soil properties, improving soil fertility, eliminating soil pollution and protecting ecological environment.
organic fertilizer
3. Fertilizer efficiency is strong, steady and durable. Because the nutrients contained in organic fertilizers are mostly in organic state, they can only be absorbed by crops after continuous decomposition and transformation by microorganisms, especially for crops with a longer growth period.
4. Wide source, large quantity and low cost, it is an important link of infinite recycling of limited nutrients in nature
  In order to give full play to the capacity of soil fertilizer supply and fertilize the soil at the same time, the organic fertilizer must be added. The role of organic fertilizer, in addition to the supply of soil microbial activity, is conducive to the formation of soil aggregates structure, but also can coordinate soil water, fertilizer, gas, heat and other fertility factors, to enhance soil fertility capacity, to create conditions for high yield and high quality crops. Therefore, the formula fertilization is not a simple ratio of several kinds of chemical fertilizers, should be based on organic fertilizer, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium fertilizer and medium and micro elements with the application, so as to not only obtain high quality and high yield of crops, but also maintain and improve soil fertility.