Straw Compost In Bio-organic Fertilizer Production Line

  Straw compost in bio-organic fertilizer production line must meet the following conditions: water, air, temperature, c/n ratio and ph.Straw bio organic fertilizer compost process is the essential part in the whole bio organic fertilizer production line. simple groove turing machine is the important compost turner in this production process.

  The video  of  bio organic fertilizer production line:

(1) Water
  It is an important factor affecting microbial activity and compost maturity.Compost materials are easy to be decomposed by microorganisms after being softened by water absorption and expansion. Generally, the moisture content should account for 60% to 75%.
(2) Air
  The amount of air in compost directly affects the activity of microorganisms and the decomposition of organic matter.Therefore, the air can be adjusted by first loosening and then compaction stacking method. The ventilation tower and vent trench can be set in the compost, and the cover can be added on the compost surface.
  Composting in all kinds of microbes have different requirements for temperature, general anaerobic microorganisms of the optimum temperature is 25 to 35 ℃, aerobic microorganisms of 40-50 ℃, warm microbes in the optimum temperature of 25 to 37 ℃, high temperature microbial optimum temperature is60-65℃, 65 ℃ its activity is suppressed.The heap temperature can be adjusted according to the season. In winter, cow, sheep and horse manure are added to increase the heap temperature or seal mud on the heap surface for heat preservation. the rapid rise of the heap temperature, can turn over the heap by the hydraulic type groove turning machine  and add water, reduce the heap temperature, in order to preserve nitrogen in summer.
(4) Carbon nitrogen ratio
  Suitable C/N ratio (C/N) is one of the important conditions to accelerate compost maturation in the straw compost bio-organic fertilizer production line. Avoid excessive consumption of carbonaceous substances and promote the synthesis of humus.High-temperature compost mainly takes straw of cereal crops as raw materials, and its carbon and nitrogen ratio is generally 80-100:1, When the carbon nitrogen ratio is less than 25:1, the microorganism propagates quickly, Therefore, the carbon nitrogen ratio of gramineous straw is relatively wide and should be adjusted to 30-50:1 during composting.
(5) PH
  Microorganisms can only operate within a certain range of ph.Most microorganisms in compost require a neutral to slightly alkaline acid-base environment (pH6.4-8.1) with an optimal pH of 7.5.In the process of heap decay, various organic acids are often produced, resulting in an acidic environment and affecting the reproduction of microorganisms.Therefore, when stacking to add the right amount (straw weight of 2%-3%) lime or plant ash, to adjust the ph.The use of a certain amount of calcium superphosphate promotes compost ripeness.
Straw bio organic fertilizer compost process is the essential part in the whole bio organic fertilizer production line. we provide the customized  Biological Organic Fertilizer Compost Equipment Processing Plant, and the fermented straw materials need to be crushed, mixed and granulated by the fertilizer equipment.