Simple Groove Turning Machine In Organic Fertilizer Production Line

  The simple groove turning machine is widely used in the fermentation and removal of water in organic fertilizer proudction line, compound fertilizer plant, sludge waste plant, gardening farm and BIS mushroom plan.
  The simple groove turning machine is used for fermenting and dumping of organic wastes, such as livestock manure, sludge garbage, sugar factory filter mud, dregs cake and straw sawdust, this simple groove turning machine is suitable for aerobic fermentation, and can be used in conjunction with solar energy fermentation room, fermentation tank and moving machine. It can be used together with the moving machine to realize the function of many of slots for one machine. Its fermented trough can be continuously discharged or batch discharge, high efficiency, smooth operation, strong and durable, and even throwing.
   Control cabinet centralized control, it can achieve manual or automatic control function, the shovel durable, the material has a certain number of broken and mixed functions, limit stroke switch, it can play a safe and limited role.

   Raw materials of simple groove turning machine in Organic Fertilizer Production Line:
1.Agricultural waste: rice straw, rice bran, and so on.
2.Animal manure: chicken manure, pigs, cattle, sheep dung, etc.
3.Industrial waste: distiller's grains, sugar residue and so on.
4.Domestic waste: kitchen waste, vegetable market and slaughterhouse waste.
5.Municipal sludge: River silt, sewage sludge, etc.
   We can provide the customized Biological Organic Fertilizer Compost Equipment Processing Plant for the organic fertilizer and bio organic fertilizer manufacturer. Compost fermentation will process livestock and poultry manure waste into bio-organic fertilizer. not only create economic value for fertilizer business, but also solve the problem of environmental pollution. it has good application in the livestock and poultry manure organic fertilizer produciton line, like pig manure, cow manure organic fertilizer produciton line.