Production Process of Organic Fertilizer Production Line

 organic fertilizer production line production process has compost fermentation process, crushing process, material mixing process, granulating process, drying and cooling process, pacing process.  how to build the organic fertilizer production line, here is the brief description.
 Production process of organic fertilizer production line:
 1. After the bacteria species is mixed with fermentation materials for fermentation, the compost Turner machine is used for turning in the fermentation process.
 2. the fermented materials need to be crushed and screened by the fertilizer crusher machine and screener machine.
 3. The organic fertilizer material is mixed by the raw material premixing machine and then enters the new type organic fertilizer granulator equipment for granulation.
 4. Next, the organic fertilizer after granulation enters into the  fertilizer polishing machine for polishing.
 5, Then,the particles are sent into the fertilizer dryer for the reducing of the water content.
 6. The dried particles are transported by the belt conveyor to the fertilizer cooler for cooling process.
 7. Dust generated in the process of drying and cooling can be dedusted by cyclone dust collector.
 8, Unqualified granules are crushed into powder by the chain crusher for the second granulation.
 9. qualified organic fertilizer particles are transported by the conveyor belt to the quantitative packaging machine for packaging, and become commercial organic fertilizer.
 There are various types of organic fertilizer production line equipment in the above process, such as granulating equipment, including disc granulator, new type organic fertilzer granulator, rotary drum granulator and so on. Organic fertilizer plant should consider theirown factory scale when choosing equipment, predict yearly output, raw material, Have to choose the most suitable equipment,To ensure maximum efficiency of organic fertilizer plant.