Organic Fertilizer from Kitchen Waste in Japan One

  We also know that Japan is famous with its neat environment, this is result of hardworking by Japanese government, school, enterprise from generations to genrtations. Garbage classifiction plays an important role for recyle of waste, which promoting the efficiency of garbage dealment.
For producing the environmental pollution of household garbage, government encourage to set up the development of garbage disposal technology, taking full use of the source from the kitchen garbage. At present the organic fertilizer production equipment to kitchen garbage is widely used in Japan and other countries. The kitchen garbage is manufactured into organic fertilizer by compost fermentation, granulation process after classification and crushing. Organic fertilizer production line is an set of complete equipment to processing the high-qulity granules or powder fertilizer from the garbage raw materials. Which is often used to process different fermented organic into bio organic fertilizer, producing high quality organic fertilizer per year through the harmless disposal of animal manure,organic waste materials, provide soil and crops all-around nutrition. 
         Organic Fertilizer from Kitchen Waste in Japan (一)          Organic Fertilizer from Kitchen Waste in Japan (一)
 The mainly equipment that organic fertilizer production line include:
In the composting process, microorganisms break down organics into the essential component of soil called humus, which requires compost turner machine to make compost faster and better. Compost is known as "black gold" because turning compost into organic fertilizer can help plants take root and prevents soil erosion. 
The decompsed the materials should be crushed for better granlator process. The half-wet material grinder allows the moisture content of bio-fermented organic fertilizer material reach to 25-50%. It has played a role in crushing the hard materials such as glass, ceramics, brick and gravel in the organic waste of municipal solid waste, so as to achieve the safety. This is an ideal machine for fertilizer production and processing factories. 
It is mainly used to mix raw material. The polypropylene-lined plate or stainless steel plate makes it no material-sticking and stands wear and tear, it has the advantages of compact, easy to operate, stirring evenly, easy to discharge, etc.