The Introduction of NPK Compound Fertilizer With High yields

With the development of people’s life standard, more and more organic food begins to appear on our table. And the application of organic and NPK compound fertilizer in the plantation directly changes our life level and improves our health. While what is compound fertilizer? Let us make a brief introduction: in a chemical fertilizer, containing two or more components of NPK and other major nutrients is called  NPK Compound Fertilizer With High yields. There are two main nutrients called binary compound fertilizer, there are three main nutrients called ternary compound fertilizer, multiple compound fertilizer has more than three nutrients.

introduction of compound fertilizer
What is the nutrient content of compound fertilizer?
Compound fertilizer is usually expressed by the corresponding percentage of N-P2O5-K2O. If a compound fertilizer contains 10% of N, 20 % of P2O5 and 10 % of K2O, the content of the N-P2O5-K2O in compound fertilizer is 10-20-10. Some of them were marked with S after the K2O content, such as 12-24-12 (S), indicating that they contained K2SO4.
In ternary compound fertilizer, the minimum content of each nutrient is no less than 4%, and the general total content is 25% ~ 60%. The total content of 25% ~ 30% is low concentration of compound fertilizer, 30% ~ 40% is medium concentration compound fertilizer, more than 40% is high concentration compound fertilizer.
The difference between blending fertilizer and compound fertilizer
(1) Different implementation standards: according to the national quality and technical supervision law, the implementation standard of blending fertilizer is the mandatory national standard of compound fertilizer. And what production compound fertilizer executes is the enterprise standard that by production enterprise draft is finished, send to Provincial bureau of quality and technical supervision to put on record.
(2) Different production processes: the production process of blending fertilizer is relatively simple. Urea, calcium superphosphate and potassium chloride are usually mixed by mechanical processing, expensive chemical production equipment is generally not required. BB Fertilizer Production Line, the productivity can reach to 10000 - 100000 tons. It uses the lifting tank to feed materials and mixer to load materials, which can reach to almost zero waste. This production line is mainly composed of the batching machine, belt conveyor, BB fertilizer mixer, packing machine and so on. The whole equipment is made of stainless steel, it has the corrosion resistance and long service life.
Compound fertilizer is made by chemical reaction in the production process, which requires professional and high-speed N P K compound fertilizer production line. This equipment has the less investment, good results, advanced technology, reliable operation, convenient maintenance and the great economic benefits. The material has wide adaptability and is suitable for granulation of all kinds of raw materials such as compound fertilizer, 
 The Introduction of N P K Compound Fertilizer   The Introduction of N P K Compound Fertilizer   
The main equipment that npk compound fertilizer production line contains:
2.Belt conveyor
4.Half -wet Crusher 
6.Rotary Dryer
9.Coating machine
The advantage of compound fertilizer: high effective composition, variety of nutrient; adverse effect on the soil is small due to less secondary components; low production cost; Physical traits are good.
Disadvantages of compound fertilizers: the proportion of nutrients is fixed, which is difficult to adapt to the different needs of various soils  and various crops, and it is often necessary to use simple fertilizer to supplement and regulate.
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