Maintenance method of windrow compost turner for organic fertilizer equipment

There are many kinds of machines for organic fertilizer fermentation in organic fertilizer equipment. The trough compost turner is used for turning the fermentation tank, and walking compost turner is a processing device dedicated to ground fermentation.

Windrow compost turner (walking compost turner) is used in the production process of ground strip type stacking fermentation. It is a special machine for material dump, crushing, oxygen supply and stacking. The machine is mainly composed of four parts: overturning power part, walking power part, lifting part and control part.
windrow compost turning machine

The walking compost turner developed by Zhengzhou Huaqiang Factory is designed according to the principle of aerobic fermentation, so that the fermentation bacteria have the space to give full play to their functions. Its machinery and equipment have obvious advantages of low investment, low energy consumption, fast fertilization and large output, which saves a lot of civil construction and human and material resources.

Daily Maintenance of Windrow Compost Turner for Organic Fertilizer Equipment
The compost turner should be maintained once a week when it is not used regularly. The compost turner should be maintained once a day when it is working regularly. Its maintenance contents are as follows:
1. After working for 10 hours, check whether the connecting bolts, nuts and oil drain plugs are loose.

2.Check the bolts at each part, and whether the split pin is defective or not, and replace it in time (the split pin must not be replaced with it).

3. Check whether the turning knife is defective and whether the fastening bolt is loose. When necessary, repair, tighten or replace the new knife.

4. Check whether the electrical appliances are tightened and the insulation of the wires is good. If necessary, repair or replace them in time.

5. Check whether the fastening screw of diesel engine, gearbox, bearing seat and other parts is loose.

6. Clean up the binding attachments on the turner.

7. Check tank and water tank allowance.