Huaqiang NPK Fertilizer equipment processing plant/ NPK Fertilizer Production Line

 Zhengzhou Huaqiang is a modern-design and advanced npk fertilizer equipment processing plant. We provide 1.5-50 million tons /year npk and organic fertilizer equipment and production line manufacturer.
  Recently, we provided thousands of successful cases for our clients in home and abroad, and get wide reputation from our clients, Nissan 200 tons organic fertilizer combination granulation production line, world-class 50 million tons /year npk compound fertilizer production line, bio organic fertilizer compost equipment processing plant, high-output cow manure, pig manure bio organic fertilizer production line, 5 tons/ h organic fertilizer disc granulation production line and so on. And we also have hundreds of grand receptions from our foreign partners every year, according to the visiting our factory and equipment of our foreigh partners, we got their trust and we will keep good cooperation since then.
  Huaqiang npk fertilizer equipment processing plant provides the high-quality whole set of npk fertilizer production line. From the automatic batching process, materials mixing process, granulating process, to screening process and second granulating process, and final automatic packing process, all the processing equipment has the advantages of easy operation and maintenance, long service, high capacity and low cost.
  Huaqiang npk fertilizer equipment processing plant provides professional fertilizer factory layout design, customized service of npk fertilizer production line, installation guidance, and excellent after-sales services. If you have any question, more details please explore our website. Our mission is let agricultural equipment manufacture change human life.