Flat Die Granulator Bio Organic Fertilizer Production Line

Flat die granulator is commonly used for granulation of various organic fertilizers after fermentation in the bio organic fertilizer production line, which breaking through the conventional organic granulation process. Before granulation, the raw materials are not dried and crushed. Cylindrical particles can be processed directly, 

Introduction of flat die granulator bio organic production line:
The multifunctional flat-die granulator is a common used equipment in the production of organic fertilizer. It can produce cylindrical organic fertilizer particles and feed particles. It can also connect polishing equipment, make cylindrical particles to roll into ball, no rework, high balling rate, good strength and beautiful relocation. So the flat-die granulator is an ideal equipment for organic fertilizer production and feed particles production. 
The flat-die granulator is the latest technology product produced by our factory based on so many years organic fertilizer processing equipment design and production experience.  main equipment of flat die granulator bio organic fertilizer produciton line:Fertilizer Mixer-Horizontal,Flat-Die Press Fertilizer Granulator,Fertilizer Drying Machine,Drum Cooler,Rotary Screener,Automatic Packing Machine.
Advantages of flat die granulator bio organic production line:
1.The produced particles are cylindrical.
2.Organic content can be as high as 100%, which achieves the goal of pure organic granulation.
3.No adhesive is needed during granulation due to the principle that the organic particles can be mosaic with each other to grow bigger in a certain force.
4.The particles are strong, it can be immediately screened after granulation, which can reduce the drying rate and energy consumption.
5.The organic matter in the organic fertilizer does not need to be dried after fermentation , and the moisture content of raw materials can be 20-40%.
6.The pressure wheel is adopted, and the speed of the two ends is consistent with the die plate and the outer ring line, and there is no dislocation friction between the wheel and the die. The resistance is reduced, the kinetic energy loss is reduced, the service life of the die is prolonged, and the production cost is reduced. 
7.The pressure rollers are uniformly and closely set, smooth operation, while we also increasing the suppression area, so that improve production efficiency. 
8. The screw center adjusting pressure structure is adopted, the clearance of the die can be big or small, so that different materials can be applied to granulation and ensure the pressing effect.
9. The aperture of variety mould of the flat die extrusion granulator are range from Φ1.5mm to Φ20mm to adapt to different materials granulation, and finally achieve the best benefits.