Energy-saving New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator

  New type organic fertilizer granulator with energy-saving is processing the organic materials after compost fermentation into organic granules fertilizer. Our new type organic fertilizer granulator is maily used in the bio organic fertilizer production line. its capacity is 1-10 tons/h.
   This series of new type organic fertilizer granulator is a new patented product developed by our company and the Agricultural Machinery Research Institute. It is designed and manufactured by the new technology of wet continuous push rod granulation. The machine can not only granulate a variety of organic matter, for the production of organic granules fertilizer from the chicken manure, cow manure, pig manure, agricultural crops, industrial waste, and household garbage and so on. especially for the coarse fiber materials which are difficult to be granulated by conventional equipment, such as crop straw, wine residue, mushroom residue, drug residue, animal dung and so on. The granulation can be made after fermentation, and it also can be achieved the better effect of grain making to acid and municipal sludge.
  The rotor is driven by the motor and reducer of the transmission part. The transmission part and the body part are mostly fixed on the same frame. It is not only strong in structure, stable in operation, but also very convenient in installation. It is a kind of environmental fertilizer production equipment in the new aera.
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