Best Roller Press Granulator -bestfertilizermachine

 Best  roller press granulator-bestfertilizermachine is used in the roller press granulation production line for the production of compound fertilizer.
Best roller press granulator is a new type of equipment developed on the basis of the original double roll extrusion granulation according to the many years of production experience. roller press granulator can be widely applied to fertilizer processing, feed production and chemical industry for granulation, production and processing of powder materials. there is another hydraulic type roller press granulator.
Features of Roller Press Granulator-bestfertilizermachine:
1.The machine is made of non drying process, granulated at room temperature and molded at one time. It has the characteristics of less investment, quick results and good economic returns.
2.The structure of the machine adopts granulation, molding and screening as one, which has the advantages of beautiful appearance, simple operation and low energy consumption.
The main parts, such as rollers, are made of a new type of metal with corrosion resistance, wear resistance and impact resistance of reller press granulator. The DZJ-II machine not only has the above characteristics, but also the frame part has also been upgraded. The bearing frame is selected as the whole component with high quality anti-corrosion casting. With more stable performance, it can greatly improve the service life of the rolling bearing and shaft.
For the transmission part, we apply the dual input transfer mode, which not only improves the input power ratio, but also ensures the lubrication and sealing performance of the transmission gear. The best roller press granulator machine has the advantages of compact structure, good stability, good sealing, low noise, convenient operation and maintenance. After the new machine is listed on the market, it won the praise of the vast number of users!