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Which one to choose, the groove type compost turner or the crawler type compost turner?

 The principle of high-temperature aerobic rapid composting technology is actually a process in which microorganisms decompose organic materials. The available nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium converts large-molecule proteins into small-molecule amino acids to achieve the degradation of organic materials, which is a process of organic matter conversion.There are various types of equipment to choose from for fermentation. The groove type compost turner and crawler type compost turner are the fermentation equipment we are more familiar with. The following is the difference between the groove type compost turner and the crawler type compost turner:

1. Site: The trench type compost turning machine is limited by the site. Must have a fermenter, it can only move on the fermenter. The crawler turner is not restricted by the site. It can be rotated freely by 180° and can work at any time.
2. Processing capacity: The single-slot compost turning machine can be used in multiple slots, and can also be equipped with a hydraulic lifting system, which has a large processing capacity. The crawler type compost turner has slow walking speed, low compost volume and relatively small processing capacity.
3. Environmental protection level: the trench type compost turning machine is equipped with a fermentation tank, which can prevent feces from splashing everywhere. The crawler turner has only two side guards to prevent splashing. Therefore, the degree of environmental protection is not as high as that of the trench type compost turner.
4. Equipment investment: The main power of the trench type compost turning machine is electric start, and the cost is relatively low. The power mode of the crawler compost turning machine is a diesel engine, and the cost is relatively high.

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