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What is the granular organic fertilizer production line?

 In layman's terms, the pellet production line is to make raw materials into fertilizer pellets. Huaqiang Heavy Industry is a professional fertilizer machine manufacturers, producing a variety of different granulation equipment. Such as: drum mixing granulator, disc granulator machine, twin-roller extrusion granulator and drum granulator, etc. The fertilizer granulator machine price vary, and the production capacity of granulation production lines varies with the configuration of fertilizer machines. At the same time we can guarantee their quality, and you can enjoy low prices and good after-sales service.

With the diversity of technology and the needs of customers, we are constantly updating the fertilizer production equipment used to make manure pellets. At present, we can produce many types for your reference, such as: small granule production line, cow dung fertilizer granule production line, food waste recycling line.

Huaqiang Heavy Industry has developed a variety of granulator production lines. The types of pellet production lines vary depending on the raw material and production scale.
Cow dung pellet production line
The cow dung pellet production line uses cow dung as the main raw material. After the main processes such as fermentation, crushing, mixing, granulation, screening, packaging, etc., the cow dung granular fertilizer is completed. If the cow dung has a lot of moisture, a dehydrator should be installed before fermentation.

Chicken manure pellet production line
Chicken manure is common fertilizer. In the past, most of them were abandoned and a hazard to our environment. Now with the development of science and technology, there are more and more machines for advanced treatment of chicken manure. Huaqiang closely follows the needs of customers and produces a series of chicken manure pellet equipment. Mobile compost turning machine are used for fermentation. The new type vertical crusher is an adjustable crusher, which is widely used in organic fertilizer crushing. The disc mixer is a special mixer for the fertilizer industry, which has the characteristics of convenient operation and uniform mixing.