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What are the purchase matters of investment and construction of organic fertilizer equipment?


A new generation of organic fertilizer plants, many customers do not know how to choose organic fertilizer equipment, how to determine the type, size and configuration of organic equipment? On the equipment selection, it is necessary to determine its location according to the scale and production capacity of its own plant, so there are different plans for organic fertilizer production lines with different needs. After the completion of the construction of the organic fertilizer plant, the equipment is configured in the following ways:

1, to determine the type of fertilizer production: the type of general organic fertilizer is divided into pure fertilizer, compound fertilizer, biological fertilizer, compound microbial fertilizer four kinds.

2, the selection of fermentation equipment: deep tank fermentation, shallow tank fermentation, bar fermentation, cylinder fermentation, tower fermentation and other fermentation forms are different, fermentation equipment is also different.

3, the size of the equipment: the size of the equipment determines the efficiency of production, how many tons of production per hour, or tens of thousands of tons per year.

4, equipment configuration: The level of configuration is different, the price is not the same.

5. The types of main organic raw materials were determined. Different types of raw materials, equipment selection and configuration are also different.