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What are the advantages of dry granulation?

Common organic fertilizer granulating machines include: roller extrusion granulating machine, drum granulating machine, disc granulating machine, new organic fertilizer granulating machine, new two-in-one organic fertilizer granulating machine, flat mold granulating machine, ring mold granulating machine, suitable for dry granulation mainly includes roller granulating machine and peaceful mold granulating machine.

As a granulation technology developed later but widely used, dry granulation has many advantages. It will increase your overall productivity and reduce operating and maintenance costs.

Dry granulators require less space than other granulators, but their production capacity never decreases with size. The installation space required for the machine is always your main concern, and now you can use some of that space to install more dry granulators, which means overall production increases.

The dry granulation process is suitable for both bulk production and bulk granulation, and can be used on different production lines, such as npk lines, etc. No matter how big or small your fertilizer plant is, a dry granulator will always come in handy.

Dry grain cutters can ensure the high quality of their products. Our granulator extrusion mechanism is stable, dry granulation technology is reliable. Particle size uniform product, strength is higher than other granulator products.

Dry granulation is a cost-effective method of granulation. There was no adhesive in the process and no drying after production. You can assume it will save you a lot of effort and time.

Granular products made by dry granulation are more soluble because they contain less water. You can easily resolve them during the application period.