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Compound fertilizer equipment vertical disc mixer safety operation precautions

Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry will briefly describe the safety operation of the equipment mixer blender in the NPK fertilizer production line:

1. Operators, maintenance and maintenance personnel must wear the necessary safety equipment when working.

2. Compound fertilizer equipment vertical disc mixer use site must have a complete and clear "Operation Guide" has been operational guidance.

3. Operators, maintenance and maintenance personnel must have professional qualifications and relevant work safety training, familiar with the contents of the operation guide, especially the safety requirements in the operation guide.

4. Do not remove any safety and warning signs on the equipment (electrical and mechanical) and ensure that the markings are clear.

5. The user must establish operating procedures for the operation, maintenance and maintenance of the equipment. In particular, it is necessary to determine the organization and supervision of each person for each maintenance and maintenance work to ensure that each step of the work is carried out safely.

6. The safety switch of the side door of the disc blender of the compound fertilizer equipment and the emergency stop switch located on the side control box and the PLC control cabinet shall not be removed, and the state is good. In case the unsafe state or accident occurs during the operation of the starting equipment and equipment when the side door is not closed, the vehicle is forcibly stopped in time.

7. After receiving the start device command, the operator must first confirm that there is no staff on the mixer (inside), the side door of the mixer has been closed, and the operation can be performed according to the regulations (determined by the user) after confirmation. This entry must be an important step in the operating procedures and is emphasized here.

8. When performing maintenance or maintenance on electrical equipment or mechanical equipment, all power supplies related to mechanical parts must be cut off, locked, and the words “equipment maintenance, do not close!” should be hung on the control cabinet panel. The card ensures that the compound fertilizer equipment disc mixer will not start again.