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Significance of applying organic fertilizer

Fertilize the soil and improve the quality of cultivated land.

organic fertilizer producted by fertilizer production line

Soil is the main natural resource of agricultural production, and the middle and low yield fields account for more than 70% of China’s cultivated land area. Due to the destruction of natural resources, the overuse of land and the decline of soil nutrient retention capacity, the productivity of many fertile cultivated land is quietly depleted and degraded, all of which are directly related to the decrease of soil organic matter and organic fertilizer application. And the organic fertilizer is usually to be designed fertilizer granulator by using the organic fertilizer granulator machine.When producing the organic fertilizer granulator,the rotary drum granulator machine is used to produce the organic fertilizer granulator by using the wet fertilizer production line. Although the fertilizer efficiency of organic fertilizer is lower than that of chemical fertilizer, the effect of mixed application of organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer is better than that of single application. This further shows that the development and application of organic, inorganic and biological multi-functional compound fertilizer has far-reaching significance in promoting the sustainable development of high-yield, high-quality and efficient agriculture, improving the comprehensive productivity of farmland and improving the comprehensive benefits of agriculture.