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The working principle of spray granulator machine

The spray granulation equipment uses phosphoric acid and ammonia as raw materials, and uses a neutralizer and a tubular reactor to coat and granulate the neutralized slurry in an ammoniating granulator, and adds some nitrogen and potassium in the production process. And other substances, after drying, sieving, cooling to get NPK compound fertilizer products, which is the production method commonly used in large-scale production of major fertilizer companies and factories at home and abroad.

Spray granulation is currently the most widely used in two aspects, one is the urea-based spray granulator system, and the other is the spray granulation dryer of one of the fertilizer equipment in the NPK fertilizer production line.

The spray granulation equipment supplies heat to the high-temperature furnace gas generated by the combustion chamber during the spray process, and is supplied with secondary air. The temperature is regulated by the secondary air. The temperature depends on the nature of the material and generally cannot exceed the temperature of decomposition of the material. During the operation, care should be taken to prevent direct contact between the high temperature furnace gas and the dry material and the cylinder wall, resulting in overheating, decomposition or sintering.

In the granulation mode, the spray fertilizer granulator machine is a self-granulated particle to form a curtain in the form of a return material, that is to say, with a gas flow nozzle, the hot concentrated slurry is pumped, and the compressed air is atomized. The slurry is sprayed on the pellets. During the scattering process, the slurry is partially dried, partially forming wet particles, which collide with each other to form large particles, and another portion of the slurry is bonded to the recycled particles to grow the particles and coat the layers to become fertilizer pellets.

The spray granulation dryer is the key equipment in the fertilizer production process of compound fertilizer. The equipment integrates spray blasting, granulation and drying. It adopts internal grading, internal returning and internal crushing structure, with advanced technology and low cost. It has the characteristics of large output and compact structure, and is the first choice for compound fertilizer production. The equipment is also widely used in MSG tail liquid treatment, alcohol tail liquid treatment and other industries, and is also good production equipment for waste liquid recycling.

These two kinds of equipment are important machinery for fertilizer production of compound fertilizer , and have made great contributions to fertilizer production.