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Solution to agglomeration when organic fertilizer fermentation turner when processing materials

Use a compost turning machine to process fermented materials. During the composting process, technologies such as adjusting the carbon to nitrogen ratio, controlling the stack temperature, ventilation and moisture can be used to deodorize. The animal manure treatment in the farm has been mechanized, which solves the environmental pollution problem caused by the farm. The fertilizer granulator processes the compost and obtains more benefits.
organic fertilizer fermentation compost turner machine

In water management, if there is less water, the frequency can be reduced to prevent the slow down of fermentation speed and the decrease of microbial activity. If the turning frequency of the compost turning machine is high, the fermentation facilities can be closed to reduce heat dissipation, or the outer wall of the fermentation facilities can be built with insulation materials to maintain the temperature, or other heat sources can be used to heat up to prevent the temperature drop.

Caking of fermentation materials: there are large parts of fermentation materials in the heap, and the structure is inconsistent.
Possible causes and solutions:
1. The raw materials are not mixed evenly or the compost turning machine is not enough. Improve the original mixing method.
2. Uneven air flow or insufficient air circulation: sorting or crushing compost to improve air distribution.