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Sheep manure organic fertilizer production line

 Sheep manure is the most nutritious organic fertilizer raw material in livestock manure. Its organic matter content is close to 30%, and the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium contents are superior to other manure. Sheep manure is fine and rich in fat, so the organic fertilizer produced from sheep manure as a raw material also stands out in the organic fertilizer family. The complete set of organic fertilizer produced by Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry makes the treatment of sheep manure simple and easy, and the manure that is easy to cause environmental pollution has undergone a series of processing, and finally becomes a high-quality fertilizer for improving soil structure and conducive to crop growth.

Same with other livestock manure, sheep manure needs to be fermented at the beginning. This is because fresh wet manure has a large volume and low quality fertilizer, and the weed seeds, parasitic eggs and pathogenic bacteria are harmful to human and animal environment and crops. During the fermentation process, due to the aerobic degradation of organic matter, the temperature of the sheep manure continues to rise until it is ripe, this process is enough to kill most of the microorganisms, parasite eggs and weed seeds, so that it will not produce negative impact crops when used. It is also possible to add the pulverized excipients in proportion to the fermentation to further improve the fat quality, such as straw powder, gluten meal and mushroom mites, and other agricultural waste materials and biological strains, regulate water, air permeability, carbon to nitrogen ratio, and remove impurities. It is repeatedly turned over in the fermentation tank by a compost turning machine to ferment it at a prescribed temperature for a certain period of time to achieve the standard of organic fertilizer production.

After the raw materials that have reached the standard are crushed by the organic fertilizer pulverizer, they can be added as other powders, stirred, sieved, and packaged, and then sold as powdered organic fertilizer, but more processed by the fertilizer granulator machine into granular organic fertilizer. It is sold after measuring the package. All in all, sheep manure organic fertilizer is more popular in the market because of its higher fertilizer efficiency.