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Self propelled turning machine manufacturer and compost turner price

The self-propelled turner is a kind of equipment that should be purchased in the production of organic fertilizer. It can well deal with the problem of fecal pollution, dump livestock manure and ferment it into organic fertilizer, and reduce the pollution damage of feces to the environment. So how does the self-propelled turner machine flip? Where is compost turning machine manufacturer, how much is the price?

Aerobic composting fermentation is one of the main processes in modern composting system. Only the decomposed fertilizer can be deeply processed by organic fertilizer granulator machine. In order to complete the fermentation process, the tipping machine should be used for the tipping operation, so that the materials can fully contact with the air in the process of dispersing, and the whole aerobic fermentation process can be completed. Self propelled dumper is a kind of dumper driven by diesel engine and electric power, which needs real-time operation.
Self propelled compost turning machine

The self-propelled turner is a kind of equipment that can walk on the ground. The four-wheel design enables the dumper to move forward, turn and reverse, which is similar to the ordinary operation vehicle. The application of anti-skid tires can make the whole vehicle ride on the strip pile when walking, and form a new strip pile after the vehicle. The front and rear baffle plates are installed to prevent the material splashing in the process of overturning and throwing, which can be used in a variety of occasions.

Self propelled dumper has long been favored by customers for its flexible operation form and fast and efficient working characteristics. Combined with rotary drum granulator equipment, realize the flow operation of organic fertilizer production.

The compost turning machine can be divided into 2 meters, 2.3 meters, 2.6 meters, 3 meters and other models. Therefore, when purchasing a turning and polishing machine, the customer should clarify the processing capacity of the machine with the fertilizer equipment manufacturer and choose a suitable self-propelled turning and polishing machine.