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Selection Guide for fertilizer production belt conveyor

The belt conveyor can transport all kinds of materials, with the advantages of economic applicability, large transport capacity, good continuity and stable work, which plays an important role in the fertilizer industry and realizes the automatic processing of NPK production line.

The belt conveyor can not only work on a single conveyor according to the customer's transportation process requirements; but also can transport materials over long distances in rugged and complex environments to achieve automated and integrated production operations.
fertilizer production belt conveyor

The material to be conveyed by the conveyor and the operating environment are different, and the choice of the belt conveyor is different.
1. When the conveying volume is large and the conveyor belt is wider, a higher belt speed should be selected;
2. For materials that are easy to roll, large in size, strong in abrasiveness, or easy to raise dust, and require high environmental sanitation conditions, a lower belt speed should be selected. For example, the granular fertilizer processed by the organic fertilizer granulator machine is suitable for low-speed transportation;
3. When the unloading truck is used, the belt speed should generally not exceed 2.5m/s. When conveying fine materials or small pieces of material, the allowable belt speed is 3.15m/s;
4. When used for feeding or conveying materials with a large amount of dust, the belt speed can be 0.8~1m/s, which can also be determined according to the characteristics of the material and the process requirements.