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Organic fertilizer production line and development of bio organic fertilizer

Compared with ordinary organic fertilizer, the biotechnology content of organic fertilizer production is relatively high, in addition to adding to promote the decomposition of organic materials, in the decomposition process, there is the decomposition of biological agents to achieve directional decomposition and deodorization. After treatment, microorganisms with specific functions in the production process are added, and the rotary drum granulator granulates the raw materials to improve the effect of the product. At the same time, compared with the common organic fertilizer, the production cost of bio organic fertilizer is higher, mainly used in vegetables, fruits, medicinal materials, tea, tobacco, high value-added crops, and achieved good results.

Bio-organic fertilizer plays an irreplaceable role in improving the quality of agricultural products. At present, the quality and price of high-quality agricultural products have not been fully realized, which has affected the enthusiasm of growers to a certain extent, making the promotion and promotion of bio-organic fertilizers difficult.
Organic fertilizer production line and development of bio organic fertilizer

In recent years, bio-organic fertilizer has been applied in some ecological demonstration areas, green agricultural product bases and organic agricultural product bases, and it should become the main direction of bio-organic fertilizer development in the future. From the perspective of the development of the agricultural industry and fertilizer market, bio-organic fertilizer is indeed the development direction of agricultural fertilizers. However, this type of product is still in the market promotion stage, and the technical content needs to be improved in quality, and the fertilizer production line needs further development.