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Process for producing organic fertilizer by sheep dung fermentation turner machine


Organic fertilizer production process of sheep dung compost turning machine

1. Combine sheep dung with an appropriate amount of straw powder. The amount of mixing depends on the water content of the sheep dung. Generally, fermentation requires a water content of about 60%, that is, the hand is kneaded into a ball, the fingers see water, but no water drips, let go Dissolve as soon as it is dissolved.
2. Then according to the ratio of 3 tons of materials (about 5 tons of fresh materials) to 1 kg of organic fertilizer starter, the starter and corn flour are diluted in a ratio of 1:10 and sprayed into the material pile, mixed and fermented.
3. Add the prepared mixture to the mixer for mixing. The mixing must be even and thorough without leaving any lumps.
4. The agitated ingredients are piled into strips about 3.0 meters wide and 1.2-2.0 meters high (the fermentation effect is better when the length is more than 3 meters). Every 3-5 days, the compost turning machine was used to turn the compost.
5. Composting for 3 days to heat up, 5 days to deodorize, 9 days to loosen, 12 days to become fragrant, 15 days to become fertilizer.
 sheep dung fermentation turner machine

The entire organic fertilizer fermentation process is completed in 7-15 days. The finished organic fertilizer is fluffy, dark brown, slightly wine-scented or earthy, and rich in nutrients. After being processed by a fertilizer granulator, it is used in the nutrient soil for fruits, vegetables, economic crops, seedlings and flowers, and its value is increased several times.